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Our team is familiar with the uncertainties and problems that companies face when they decide to market their products or services, either at home or abroad, and that is why we collaborate and put our trust in a simple, secure and agile model that helps our clients sell in the most attractive markets using our resources. We work with your sales department and that is how your clients will perceive us, wherever they are. WE SIMPLIFY.

We learn from our clients’ values and tailor our methodology in order to minimise their costs, boost their sales and improve their business model. With an extensive network of specialised professionals we are able to deal with your specific sales and marketing issues. At ILIMITAS, we are not satisfied with giving you the best global service, we want to achieve more than everyone else. WE ACHIEVE.

We believe the best commercial solutions are found through teamwork and from drawing on the values ​​and personal qualities of our people. When putting our teams together we look for three essential characteristics: integrity, flexibility and discretion. WE BELIEVE.

“Integrity, flexibility and discretion: three characteristics that allow us to offer optimal solutions to our customers”

We are a Group of professionals with a distinctly international focus, as proven by over 20 years’ experience plus asignificant number of internationalised clients who, for many years, have been putting their trust in us in order to achieve their goals. EXPERIENCE.

Our specialists are segmented by sector and market and will tailor our services to suit the needs of your business and the environment in which it is being developed, while minimising uncertainty and expenditure so as to maximise effectiveness. STRATEGY.

What’s more, we have an extensive network of partners that enables us to tackle specific issues. At ILIMITAS we are not satisfied with giving you the best global service, we work with national and international specialists so we can achieve what others only strive for. CONTACTS.

Our Team Members

Juan Francisco Lainez Ruiz CEO

Juan Francisco Lainez Ruiz

15 years’ experience in a business and marketing environment at a national and international level.He has held positions of responsibility in companies in the agro-food sector, distribution, engineering, construction and in the manufacture of industrial equipment both in Spain and abroad. For the past 11 years, he has been working as the managing director of various companies, increasingtheir global expansion and encouraging a focus on results, based on the value of their human capital. A Graduate in Business Administration from the University of Barcelona, with a Master’sin business management from the San Telmo International Institute.

Alfonso Sáenz Sánchez-Dalp CEO

Alfonso Sáenz Sánchez-Dalp

17 years’ professional experience in business management and direction, the development of consulting projects andin technical assistance and research for the development of SMEs and Institutions, includinginternationalisation, marketing, sales and business development. With a Degree in Economics, specialising in marketing, and a Master’s in Company Formation and Management, his focus has been on the agro-food sector, ICTs,fashion and agriculture industries, among others, and he is accustomed to working in a multicultural environment in European and Latin American countries.

Macarena Picazo Project Manager at Ilimitas Online

Macarena Picazo

Graduated in Business Administration at the University of Granada. Specialized in digital marketing with 3 years of experience as a Social Media Manager. Worked for national and international companies at the planning and execution of global strategies, developing advertising campaigns, analysis of trends, profile management and its optimization, highlighting her creativity and communication skills.

Macarena Lainez Ruiz Project Manager at Ilimitas Comunicación

Macarena Lainez Ruiz

Graduated in Information Sciences from the University of Navarra. She has more than 25 years of experience in communication. From the direction of specialized magazines in the nautical sports sector to the formation of press teams and public relations for large events and projects, with development of communication strategies, media management, content planning and coordination of work teams.

Manuel Bellido Mengual Associate specialist in Law

Manuel Bellido Mengual

Lawyer with more than 25 years’ professional experience and extensive education in the fields ofInternational Trade and Business Internationalisation.A lawyer for 17 years andsubsequentlypartner in the firm Gómez Acebo& Pombo Abogados. Member of theCommission of Experts in Incoterms® in the Spanish Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce. Honorary Associate Professor inCommercial Law at the University of Seville.Professor of numerous Master’s, seminars and courses on International Business Law.

Óscar Plasencia Rojas Associate specialist in Sales Teams

Óscar Plasencia Rojas

Degree in Economics from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education and MBA from Bussines Administration, he has extensive experience in the transformation of companies from the General Directorate, recruiting, training and developing teams within multinationals in Europe and Mexico, with special relevance in the financial and consumer sectors through direct sales.

Francisco Galán González Associate specialist in Human Resources

Francisco Galán González

25 years’ experience in human resources and strategic and commercial policy at a national and international level. He has held positions of responsibility in multinational companies in the financial services and insurance sectors as well as in healthcare and consultancy. He’s also been a partner, managing director and member of the board of directors of various companies. Professor and Programme Director of the University of Loyola Andalucía, the University of Seville and EOI Business School.

Enrique Vidal Itriago Associate Marketing Specialist

Enrique Vidal Itriago

Industrial Engineer with more than 20 years’ sales experience, specialising in the design of commercial processes and Inbound Marketing activities for the sale of complex solutions in the B2B market and engineering industry. He has presented at conferences for over 600 courses specialising in Sales and Marketing. He has published 15 ebooks on Consultative selling and the creation of business opportunities. Of particular note is the bookSales Manual for Engineers with over 12,700 copies sold since 2012.

Juan Francisco Estévez Palma Associate Logistics Specialist

Juan Francisco Estévez Palma

With 15 years’ experience in logistics and the International Business sector, he has developed his professional life while working forinternational companies and in onshore and offshore industries in various senior positons. Currently he is CEO of FS Shipping and E-Shipping, one of the main logistical operators at national level, with afocus on export companies offering a broad international reachthrough their agents. A Graduate in Business Studies from the University of Pablo Olavide, he is a member of the Propeller Club.